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Anqiu Jingcheng FRP Plant mainly produces desulfurization towers, FRP desulfurization towers, boiler desulfurization towers, brick factory desulfurization towers, FRP cooling towers, FRP tanks, FRP pipes, FRP absorption towers, FRP bromine towers and other FRP products. It is located 30 kilometers south of Weifang City, the world's kite capital. It is on the north side of Qingyun Mountain, an AAA-level tourist resort, on the opposite side of Qingyun Lake and Dawenhe National Wetland Park, on the west side of National Highway 206, with convenient transportation and elegant environment. Main production mainly produces desulfurization tower, FRP desulfurization tower, boiler desulfurization tower, FRP cooling tower, FRP tank, FRP pipe, FRP absorption tower, FRP bromine tower, FRP environmental protection equipment, FRP septic tank, FRP water tank, FRP fan, FRP Storage tanks, chemical tanks, acid and alkali tanks and other FRP products can also be designed and processed according to user requirements for non-standard products.
FRP cooling tower series products (also known as cold water tower, cooling water tower, cold water tower) produced by Beijing FRP. The products are divided into circular counter-flow cooling towers, square counter-flow cooling towers, square cross-flow cooling towers, and unfilled spray cooling towers. , Concrete steel structure cooling tower, large glass fiber reinforced plastic cooling tower. The cooling tower series products produced by our company are corrosion-resistant, high-strength, light-weight, small-sized, occupying less land, beautiful and durable, and are more convenient for transportation, installation and maintenance. Therefore, it is widely used in various sectors of the national economy, and is particularly suitable for cooling water circulation systems such as air conditioning, refrigeration, air compressor stations, heating furnaces, and condensation processes. Its product model is complete, the performance is superior, the quality is high and the price is earned, it is welcomed by users. At the same time, production and operation of various specifications of cooling tower fillers, cooling tower fans, cooling tower motors, reducers, water distributors, sprinklers, fiberglass cloth and other fiberglass cooling tower accessories, and undertake cooling tower renovation and maintenance business.
Our factory has advanced FRP micro-control mechanical winding equipment and testing equipment, producing various mechanical winding FRP storage tanks, transport tanks, storage tanks, composite tanks, chemical equipment tanks, various mechanical winding FRP pipes, FRP septic tanks, FRP Towers and other products. According to the user's storage or transportation medium, epoxy resin is used. Furan resin, phenol resin and polyester resin are used as binders. It consists of a high resin content corrosion-resistant inner lining layer, a transition layer, a fiber winding reinforcement layer and an outer surface protection layer. The working temperature of the product is between -50 and 120 degrees, and the pressure resistance is generally below 6.4mpa. It has the advantages of pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, aging resistance, long service life, etc., and has light weight, high strength, impermeability, and insulation. Heat, insulation, non-toxic and smooth surface. Widely used in petroleum, chemical, textile, printing and dyeing, power transportation, breeding, food brewing, artificial synthesis, water supply and drainage, seawater desalination, sewage treatment and other industries. It is the first batch of enterprises in Anqiu city to be certified by the designated unit for the safe production of hazardous packaging materials, and the first batch of FRP companies to pass the Weifang Dangerous Goods Transport Container Inspection Institute.
Our factory has strong technical force and complete testing methods, and has continuously developed new products in conjunction with relevant universities in China. Production of FRP cooling towers, cooling water towers, FRP tanks, storage tanks, transport tanks, chemical equipment tanks, FRP pipes, FRP environmental protection equipment, FRP absorption towers, FRP bromine towers, FRP septic tanks, FRP water tanks, FRP fans, FRP Storage tanks, chemical tanks, acid and alkali tanks and other FRP products are sold throughout the country and are widely recognized by customers.
The factory is willing to serve you for a better tomorrow with strong technical force, excellent product quality and perfect after-sales service.

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